Tantropathy - Mudras, Postures and Mantras for Health, Fitness and Happiness

Tantropathy - Mudras, Postures and Mantras for Health, Fitness and Happiness

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Author: R P Upadhyay
Publisher: B Jain Pub.
Year: 2004
Language: English
Pages: 241
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8170218799


Who would not like to achieve perfect heath, fitness and happiness? Based on the ancient tantrik systems of Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism etc, tantropathy teaches simple stress-fee, conscious cleaning and detoxification techniques through mudras O(poses), asanas (postures), yantras (forms) and mantas (hymns) that help one attain the condition happy mind in healthy body.

These practices, irrespective of the age or sex of a person, are thoroughly relaxing, without having any side effects, yet being extremely effective in preventing or curing many bodily and mental ailments. Acharyaji (Shri Upadhyay, as he is affectionately called) has poured his 35 years of rich practical experience in this tantrik text in simple language to benefit the common man. The publisher on his part has made sincere efforts to present this valuable information which is in easily readable form in an attractive package at an affordable price within easy reach of every person.


Mind and body healing
Poses and postures of hand: their application and impact
Postures and poses: natural expression
Beginning of postures and poses
Expression of feelings through dance poses
Simple man of ancient times
Importance of postures and poses
Hath yoga and poses
Mudras: switch-board of body
Effect of poses on body
Mudras are windows to spirituality
Body: a conglometation of atoms
Homogeneous atomic assembly and Mudras
Poses and divine power
Elements of Yoga and Poses
Surya Mudra (Sun Posture)
Gyan Mudra (Posture of Knowledge)
Vayu Mudra (Air Posture)
Akash mudra (Sky Posture)
Varun Mudra (Water Posture)
Apaan Mudra (Flatus Posture)
Pran Mudra (Vital Air Posture)
Angushtha Mudra (Fragrance Posture)
Mrigi Mudra (Antelope Posture)
Shankh Mudra (Shell Posture)
Pankaj Mudra (lotus Posture)
Anushasan mudra (discipline posture)
Samanvay mudra (co-ordination posture)
Veetrag mudra (dispassionate Posture)

How do techniques of tantropathy work?

Sleeplessness vs sound sleeping
Stress reaction vs relaxation response
General fatigue vs life style
Cure constipation, heart burn and headache through toning up to abdominal and rectal muscles
Control of diabetes and impotency through tantropathy
Chandrayan technique for obesity

Techniques of tantropathy
Nirmimekh varjan technique
Isht Pranam technique
Angari technique (hanging loosely)
Prasanna kriti and hasya kriti
Gyan-dhyan mudra technique
Auto-suggestion technique in self hypnosis
Meditation technique
Model life style for health and fitness
Good Health is our nature