The Original Yoga  (Text + English)

The Original Yoga (Text + English)

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Author: Shyam Ghosh
Translator(s): Shyam Ghosh
Publisher: Munshiram Manoharlal
Year: 2004
Language: multilingual
Pages: 262
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8121508916


When we speak of the original yoga, the question naturally arises, what exactly is the original yoga? For it is well-known that originally the yoga that we know of today did not exist: it was not in its present form anyhow.

The discipline of Yoga embraces three fields - the body, the mind and the spirit I.e. the training of all three in this order. The principle underlying this training is that, first, the perfection of the body helps in the perfection of the mind, and then, when mental efficiency has been gained, the same is used to attain the higher spiritual perfection.

Very little is known about the author of this book apart from the facts that he is a retired Government of India officer, now in his late nineties, apparently hoary, but healthy. When requested for more bio-data, he wrote back:

The real author of the Original Yoga is the Lord Siva. In the mundane world, Patanjali is the prime propagator of yoga. Any other claim to authorship, therefore, cannot but be spurious. It is truth that matters, not the utterer of the truth. No truth ever becomes a bit truer even when repeated by the most distinguished person.

Hence all genuine aspirants of yoga should be content to remain unknown and unnoticed by others. His other published work is Hindu Concept of Life and Death.


SHYAM GHOSH (1904-2000) was a Vedic research scholar. He had studied other Hindu scriptures as well, some of which he had translated and published, including an exhaustive commentary on Patanjali’s Yogasutra. Having boycotted his school at the call of Mahatma Gandhi in 1920, Shyam Ghosh joined Freedom Movement and participated in meetings and rallies organized by Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru and other leaders. Later, after a few years of self-education, he worked his way to the editorial staff of three national daily newspapers before being selected as the editor of the AIR journals – The Indian Listener, Awaz and Saran (new defunct). After a few years he was shifted to the Publications Division of the same Ministry as Deputy Director, and then on to the finance Ministry, where he worked as Financial Advisor to the Director-General of Supply and Disposal. He had always been averse to personal publicity, An author should be judged by his work, and not by his personal qualifications. Was his firm view. Some of this other works are, the Original Yoga (1980, 1999) and Hindu concept of Life and Death (1989, 2002).



1. The path of harmony.
2. Fundamentals of Yoga.
3. The system and its practice.
4. Postures and preludes.
5. Rajayoga.


1. The six-fold system.
2. Asanas or modes of installation.
3. Mudras or mystic exercises.
4. Control of senses.
5. Breath-control.
6. Meditation.
7. Superconsciousness.


1. Types of Yoga.
2. Practice of Yoga.
3. Powers of Yoga.
4. Towards emancipation.