A Simple Guide to Sufism

A Simple Guide to Sufism

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Author: Farida Khanam
Publisher: Goodword Books
Year: 2006
Language: English
Pages: 177
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8178984822


In this book, A Simple Guide to Sufism, the author focuses on the Continuing relevance of Sufism, which is increasingly acknowledged as a spiritual answer to modern materialism. As an introductory guide, it offers students a lucid account of the origin, development and distinguishing features of the major Sufi orders, and their impact on the development of Islamic tradition.

In its examination of their organization, it presents in detail their various rituals, practices and ceremonies. Highlighting the relevance of Sufism in modern life, it concludes with a chapter on meditation and zikr (remembrance of God), the central part of the Sufi tradition


Origin and Historical Development of History
Gradual Evolution of Tasawwuf
Chishti Order-1
Chishti Order-2
Chishti Order-3
Qadiri Order
Naqshbandi Order-1
Naqshbandi Order-2
Naqshbandi Order-3
Firdausi Order
The Sufi Concept of Meditation