Eminent Indians: LITTERATEURS

Eminent Indians: LITTERATEURS

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Author: M L Ahuja
Publisher: Rupa
Year: 2006
Language: English
Pages: 106
ISBN/UPC (if available): 812910931X


India has undoubtedly been the source of knowledge and wisdom since the days of the Vedas. Innovative ideas and creative activities have brought many Indians to the forefront in different spheres, bringing to the country Nobel Prizes in literature, science, economics and peace.

Eminent Indians surveys the lives and contributions of some of the saints and sages, artists, musicians, dancers, film personalities, economists, industrialists, defence personnel, scientists, litterateurs, political thinkers and legal luminaries of India. They include the Noble Laureates and others who have carved out a niche for themselves. Their travails and sufferings followed by glorious achievements are indicative of the need for cultivating the spirit of endurance, dedication and hard work as keys to success.

Written in simple language, these biographical essays should form an essential source of information and inspiration to our students, teachers, parents, and non-resident Indians. Their reading should also help people of other nationalities to understand India in its proper perspective.


M L AHUJA, MA, DLL, DCS, is the author of nine books. He has contributed numerous articles to reputed journals, mostly on book publishing and the marketing of books and journals. He has presented papers at seminars in India, Hong Kong, Papua New Guinea, China and Hungary.

Ahuja is the recipient of the Janseva Sadhbhavna Award from the International Integration and Growth society for his individual contribution to the nation’s development.



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