Hanumat Vibhuti - Sacred Anointment

Hanumat Vibhuti - Sacred Anointment

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Author: A Compilation
Publisher: Chinmaya Mission Trust
Year: 2003
Language: English
Pages: 178
ISBN/UPC (if available): H0001


The very first literary work in Sanskrit, other than the Vedas, and much earlier than Vyasa, is from the great poet-seer Valmiki, whose work is Glory of Rama (Ramayana). Ramayana stands as the link between the Vedic mysticism and the poetic exuberance of classical literature, inaugurated mainly by Vyasa. Ramayana has the wealth of the spiritual truths of the Vedas, packed in a surprisingly sophisticated veneer of mysticism. Yet, it drips on all sides the melody, rhythm, and sheer beauty of poetry at its best.

As a character, Hanuman represents a perfect man of education and culture, proficient and efficient, and ever a go-getter. Nothing seems to be impossible for him. To think is to act for him; to conceive is to achieve. Yet, this beautiful characterization, all along Ramayana, so tenderly both handled and dandled by the sensitive poet valmiki, has been deliberately wrapped up in the outer anatomical shell of a monkey! Any sensitive student of literature will be compelled to pause for a moment to wonder, Was it a monkey? To suggest this question in the mind of the readers, Valmiki himself describes him as, Is he a man? (Va-nara). The symbolism suggested is evidently clear to all deep students of our Spiritual texts, who are familiar with our cultural diction, and who are trained to bee sensitive in Indian traditions of poetry.


Sri Hanuman Chalisa
The Personality of Sri Hanuman
Hanuman’s Devotion to Duty
Hanuman, the Ideal
Hanuman-Man and Superman
Sri Hanuman
Ambassador of Goodwill
Hanuman’s Presence of Mind
The Monkey-God
The Concept of Hanuman
Worship of Hanuman
Hanuman in Indian Philosophy
The Mystic Monkey God
Hanuman in Search of Peace
The First Meeting
Hanuman, the Eloquent
Hanuman Down the Ages
Hanuman, the Karma Yogi
The Jnani
Ode to Hanuman
Hanuman, The Envoy
Jewel of Ramayana
The Greatness of Hanuman
Chinmaya Mission
Sankatmochan Hanumanashtak (Hindi)
Sri Rama Stuti (Hindi)
Bajarang Bali
The Humility of Hanuman
The Blossoming of a Bhakta
The Self-confidence of Hanuman
Mighty Hanuman