Tell Me A Story - Set of 3 books

Tell Me A Story - Set of 3 books

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Author: Sewikas & Swami
Publisher: Chinmaya Mission Trust
Year: 2004/2006
Language: English
Pages: 319
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8175971398



It is usual in Hinduism that when parents go to religious festivals, or ritualistic yagnas, They bring home something to be shared by all: and this is called Prasad. Till now in our yagnas we had been distributing Prasad only for the parents, as my children were then too small to take in any Prasad. Now the Balavihar children have started not only demanding, but even invading my yagnasalad! They sit knee-to-knee with their parents and enjoy aspects of the talks as much as their parents.

Therefore it was conceived that we must have some Prasad which parents can share with their children. And thus I have this time compiled some stories retold. They are not original once-they are all adaptation made by two Brahmacharinies, Sharda and Bharathi, and two stories are done by a Swami, who chooses to remain incognito. Almost all the stories have depths, especially the stories adapted by the Swami. Parents can discuss those significances. There are enough indications, artistically left here and there in the stories, which can make the parents discuss, and the children also will have enough thrills in them.



Listen Ego Destroys
The Science of Signs
The Advice
The One Protector
True Devotee
Do it Today
The Fire-Touch
We are One
Digesting a Giant
The Foolish Lion
Shree Ram Jayam
Vyasa’s Writer
Queen Rampyari
Real Sampath


Sahasranama-of 999 Names
Destiny of a Skull
Lord, the Creator, an Interview
Vertical and Horizontal God
My Uncle-Tell a lie
The Wise Bandicoot
The Magic Garden
My Uncle-Kittu, the Wise
Takoreji’s Topi
Monkey’s Fast
The Glass House
The Mahatma of Kanakapal