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Author: Swami Chinmayananda
Publisher: Chinmaya Mission Trust
Year: 2008
Language: English
Pages: 124
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8175970375


None of these stories that are attributed to me are really mine. These are stories that the old Mahatmas had told us while we were learning the scriptures at Rishikesh and Uttarkasi.

This is an old method-an intelligent application of audio-visual method of Education imparting Vedantic knowledge. The ideas expounded in Vedanta are extremely subjective and therefore supremely subtle. Chances of misunderstanding or vaguely understanding are more than that of true understanding or right comprehension.

As a methodology in communication of scriptural knowledge, our ancient masters found that examples given from the gross outer world can perhaps correctly illumine the subtle inflections in the sensitive march of ideas in Vedanta.


The Cook and The King
The Unseen Hand of God
The King of Kasi
Even This Will Pass Away
The Genie and The Brahmin
Madhu and The Mathematics Professor
The Exhibition
The One in The Many
Please Turn Over
The Mirrored Hall
The Beggar turned King
Renounce and Enjoy
The Anchorite and the Malacca Cane
Food Poisoning
The Marwari Merchant
The Vivacious Lady and The Mysterious box
Space Birds
That Thou Art
The Tiger’s Mask
The Businessman and the Rogue
The Criminal and the President
Beware of The Hunter
Be A Light Unto Thyself
Precept and Practice