Lajwanti  & Other Stories

Lajwanti & Other Stories

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Author: Mulk Raj Anand
Publisher: Vision/Orient paperbacks
Year: 1999
Language: English
Pages: 118
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8122202349


In this collection of 12 stories led by Lajwanti, the author focuses on a woman's predicament and struggle to find an identity for herself.

Frustrated by a rigid pattern of social relationships, gender bias, religious bigotry and her own petty human foibles, her abject condition serves as a metaphor for sacrifice and servility which form the thematic heart of these stories.

Mr. Anand has a marvelous power of evoking an immense varied life as it bubbles in front of his eyes, without once losing contact with his characters . . . Anand's picture is a real, comprehensive, and subtle, and the shifts in moods, from farce to comedy, from pathos to tragedy, and from the realistic to the poetic, are remarkable. V S PRITCHETT, British Literary Critic

With great deftness, Anand pictures India . . - BOOKS ABROAD, USA

CONTENTS: Lajwanti / The Tamarind Tree / The Priest and the Pigeons / Lady Bountiful / The Hiccup / The Brothers / At What Price, My Brothers? / Anjali Hasta / The Man who was Too Honest for His Job / Mother / Torrents of Wrath / The Silver Bangles