Miracles of Shirdi's Saibaba - With coloured Illustrations

Miracles of Shirdi's Saibaba - With coloured Illustrations

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Author: Mahendra Mittal
Translator(s): Igen B
Publisher: Manoj Publications
Year: 2006
Language: English
Pages: 48
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8131001180


This book, specially designed for children, narrates life story of Saibaba, a crusader of Hindu-Muslim unity. Printed in bold type, and profusely illustrated in color, it is easy on the eyes.


That Anonymous Guest
The Hospitality
Appearance of Shiva-Parvati
The Births and The Losses
Shaligram in Mosque
Namaz in Temple
In Venkush Ashram
Half Dead Babu
To Destination Unknown
Arrival at Shirdi
Nawab’s Horse
An Old Ma’s Roti
Hindi-Muslim tussle
The Priest Protests
Dwarika Mai Mosque
The Poison of Gokharoo Naag
Sai Baba Procession
Tatya Patel’s Fever
Discomfiture of The Priest
Into the Fold of Sai Baba
Miracle of Ash
The Epidemic
Baba’s Mill
Mr Thomas Saved
Lesson to The Rich Man
Holy-Dip for Das Ganu
Siddiq’s Haj Pilgrimage
Water For Oil
Stop it Ma
The Pardon
Tatya Finds Treasure
Vaija’s Last Wish
Hindu-Muslim Unity
In Baba’s Fold
Baba’s Ram-Rahim
The Brick Breaks
Baba Departs