Pranayama Rahasya  -  With Scientific Factual Evidence  (An Illustrated Treatise)

Pranayama Rahasya - With Scientific Factual Evidence (An Illustrated Treatise)

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Author: Swami Ramdev
Publisher: Divya Prakashan/Diamond
Year: 2009
Language: English
Pages: 124
ISBN/UPC (if available): 818923501X


Yoga is a Philosophy of life. Yoga is a self – discipline. Yoga is a life-style. Yoga is a concept of life, free of diseases and rich with transcendental trance. Yoga is an excellent spiritual lore of self – therapy and self – realization. Through this spiritual science of Yoga, a pygmy can become a colossus or one can transform or develop oneself comprehensively. Yoga is not merely an alternative system of medicine; its authenticity is based on the results of experiments which show that the diseases have been eradicated. It is therefore a complete system of medicine, not only for diseases of the body but also for those of the mind.

Yoga is not a symptomatic medical treatment like allopathy, rather it makes us feel healthy from inside by eradicating he root cause of diseases. To view Yoga merely as a form of exercise or merely as a ritualistic system of a particular community is a narrow and foolish attitude. We should view Yoga as a complete science, throwing aside selfishness, prejudice, ignorance and egoism.

The scriptures say that the eight cakras (energy centres) are awakened by Yoga, and by the constant practice of Pranayama the Sins and evil impressions accumulated over several births get destroyed.


1. Foreword
2. Prana-Sukta
3. The Meaning of Prana and its Importance
4. Types of Prana
5. The Five Sheaths (Pancakosa) Located in the Body
6. Prana-Sadhana
7. The Prana Lore in Vedic Literature
8. Yoga – A Philosophy of Life
9. The Two Principles of Medicine
10. The Self-Tried Truth of Pranayama
11. Abdominal Breathing – An Unscientific Theory
12. Components of Air
13. Mechanical Analysis of Yogic Procedures
14. Prana as The Nanotechnology of Medical Science15. Importance and Benefits of Pranayama
16. Some Rules – for Pranayama
17. The Three Useful Bandhas (Locks) in Pranayama
18. The Complete Eight Pranayamas
19. Other Pranayamas Useful for Treating The Diseases
20. Energy Centres or Cakras Located in the Body
21. Kundalini-Sakti (Serpent Power)
22. Some Guidelines for Meditation
23. Symptoms and Benefits of Kundalini Awakening

Introduction to the Coloured Pictures Given in the Beginning of the Book:

1. Uddiyana–Bandha
2. Anuloma-viloma Pranayama
3. Anuloma-viloma Pranayama
4. Bhramari Pranayama
5. Muladhara Cakra
6. Svadhisthana Cakra
7. Manipura Cakra
8. Hrdaya Cakra
9. Anahata Cakra
10. Visuddhi Cakra
11. Sausumma-jyoti
12. Cakra Darsana
13. Divya-drsti
14. Pingala-Gandamala & Organs of Susumna
15. Gayatri Dhyana
16. Divine Vision-Meditation Vision & Realisation of ‘OM Brahma’