Remedial Vaastushastra

Remedial Vaastushastra

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Author: Bhojraj Dwivedi
Publisher: Diamond
Year: 2005
Language: English
Pages: 273
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8171820166


Infact, we should feel indebted to our ascetics and sages of yore, like Vishwakarma etc., who gifted a unique science of Vaastu to mankind. The knowledge disseminated by them was amply utilized the world over but, due to our lack of faith and skeptical approach, we failed to derive much mileage.

In the annuals of global literature, there is no other book, except this book, which enlightens us on deriving optimum benefits from the Vaastu rules, without affecting any structural change-over and /or alteration.

Remedial Vaastu is a unique blend of ancient science of Vaastu and latest global research on the subject. The book deals with and throws ample light suggesting ways and means to remove Vaastu Defects.


Significance of the Book
Vaastushastra and Five Elements
Fire (Heat)
Examination of Land
Form (Size or Shape) of a Plot
Multistoreyed hotel on a Sea-Shore
Methods to subdue Vaastu defects in Commercial enterprises and shops
Illustration from Modern Architecture
Building Construction
Formulae on Building construction
Rajesh Khanna’s Ominous Bungalow is now on the threshold of sale
Astrology and Vaastu-Theory
Birth-Horoscope and Vaastu-Place
House-Building and defective directions
North-East (Ishaan)Side: House-Building and Defects
South-East Side (Agneya)
Vaastu Concept Based on Various phases of Zodiac Signs (Raashis)
Origin and Concept of Vaastu Purush
Planning of Main-Door (in relation to Vaastu Purush)
Vaastu and Ritual
Inauguration of Land-Digging and Foundation
Inauguration of Vaastu-Foundation
Discussion on Idol-Installation
How to dispel Vaastu-Faults without breakage (wear and tear)
Office Practice Remedies (Curative Methods)
Infallible Experiments On Various types of Ganpati-In context of Vaastu
Different Witchcrafts (Totems, Sorcery)
Generally Used Terms