Sri Krishna - The Lord of Guruvayur Divine Experiences

Sri Krishna - The Lord of Guruvayur Divine Experiences

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Author: K R Vaidyanathan
Publisher: Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan
Year: 2002
Language: English
Pages: 288
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8172762739


The glory of the Lord of Guruvayur or Guruvayurappan, as the deity is popularly known, has spread far and wide as the God who answers the prayers of his devotees.

The Lord said to Arjuna in the Gita: I am responsible for the welfare of those who think of me to the exclusion of all else and who remain devoted to me all the time. Thus it is that Guruvayurappan comes to the rescue of his devotees in distress and manifests his grace in infinite and inscrutable ways.

Over a hundred of these stories were brought out in a book form by Shri Anjam himself in 1984. However, these, and other miracle stories published subsequently catered only to Malayalam knowing devotees. Shri Anjam Himself felt when he was alive that an English translation of these stories would cater to a wide public. Hence this attempt to bring out a select number of stories in English.



Saved from extreme danger
Amputation averted
The Lord heard my prayers
Cured the incurable
Not one to look up to except the Lord
Involved in Serious accident, yet no injury
Lost, found and delivered by tender hands
That Lingering taste of prasadam meal
Varahamurti saved us
Lord’s Names-A divine medicine
Efficacy of namajapa
Relief from incurable headache
Resort to namajapa in crisis
The grace of God-then, Today and always
Remembering Hari saves from all dangers
Namasankirtan, divine medicine
Miraculous escape from death
Lost eye sight restored
Reinforcing faith in God
The Lord Fulfils trip to Triprayar
The infinite mercy of the Lord
Lord’s representative attends wedding
God Saved us in the nick of time
Sree Guruvayarpuresa saranam
One who saves us from danger
Medicine and prayers cured me
God’s grace
Experiencing God
Lord’s devotee is never destroyed