Origin of Universe - Vedic Approach

Origin of Universe - Vedic Approach

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Author: C Dakshinamurti
Publisher: Bharatiya vidya bhavan
Year: 2004
Language: English
Pages: 128
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8172763441


This is a unique book written by unique person. Dr C Dakshinamurti is not only a great agricultural physicist and scientist, but also an eminent philosopher and Sanskrit scholar.
He has combined the depth of his scientific and analytical mind with the width of the Vedic view of life. He mentions appropriately physics ends where philosophy begins, no amount of limited knowledge can be a tool to unravel the entire gamut of the nature where pure wisdom and knowledge become infinite and merge with celestial bliss.

Thus, the ancient Vedic thought was far ahead of all other philosophies in terms of understanding the unity of life. Also in the ancient Indian philosophy, concepts like god appearing in the form of fish, bird and other living organisms were accepted as manifestations of the almighty in numerous living forms. Even until recently such a concept was blasphemy in western thought.





Origin of the Universe

Mind is the cause either for Liberation or Bondage for attaining salvation

The one syllable Om is Brahma

Amongst all the animals it is difficult to be born as a Human Being

There is no Mantra greater than Gayatri and There is no God greater than Mother

The Four Great Mahavakyas

Vedas are endless