Bush in Babylon - The Recolonisation of Iraq

Bush in Babylon - The Recolonisation of Iraq

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Author: Tariq Ali
Publisher: LeftWord
Year: 2006
Language: English
Pages: 262
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8187496533


Like Tariq Ali’s previous work, The Clash of Fundamentalisms, this book presents a magnificent cultural and political history of Iraqi resistance against empires old and new.

Ali’s substantial new Postscript, Blood Meridian: Year One of the Occupation, authoritatively dismantles the lies of favourite house Arabs such as Found Ajami, shatters masks of UN compliance with the occupation, and shines bright light both on the Anglo-American attempts to privatize Iraq, and the speed, character and endurance of the latest level of resistance. The author has written a fresh Introduction for the Indian edition.


An often compelling insider’s perspective, with some valuable insights into the sensitivities that explain why the occupying coalition in Iraq is not being treated as a savior.
-New York Times Book Review

Tariq Qli, has poured all his caustic verve and literary talent into this essay on the modern history of Iraq Drawing on the work of great Arab historians, but also on personal testimony and the works of different Iraqi poets, he reconstitutes the principal moments of a tragic history, a pitiless dissection of the lies used by the Anglo American leaders to legitimate their recent imperial expedition in Iraq.
-Le Monde Diplomatique

Caustic warnings run through Bush in Babylon by Tariq Ali, who criticizes pro-americn academic and media apologists for stressing that Bush’s politices are the oly way to stabilize the world. Undeniably passionate.
-Financial Times

Hard facts, sharp political analysis and literary insertions that evoke the richness of Arab culture, unlikely to soothe the middle-class nerves of our harmony-seeking Gutmenschen.
-Suddeutsche Zeiturng

A strikingly erudite tour of Iraqi and Middle Eastern history.
-Philadelphia City Paper




1. Introduction: Living with the Enemy
2. The Jackals’ Wedding
3. An Oligarchy of Racketeers
4. Colonels and Communists
5. Ba’Athism, Saddam and Gumhurriya
6. War and Empire
7. Empires and Resistance