Srimad Bhagavatam

Srimad Bhagavatam

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Author: S Subbarau
Publisher: Vijaya Press
Year: 1989
Language: English
Pages: 261
ISBN/UPC (if available): N/A


Srimad Bhagavata is a monumental book among the devotional work which are the pride and glory of the Sanskrit Literature. Some one or two English translations complete or partial of this great work were published some considerable time ago and they have been long out of print. In addition to the change in the plan and scope endeavours have been made in this translation to give greater attention to the devotional aspect and tone of the original.

It is true that a translation of a great poem into a foreign language can never bring out the charm of the original, however skilful the translator might be, but no translation can be said to fulfil its purpose if it fails at least to shadow forth the original in its most prominent feature.

The present translation is an attempt to give a faithful rendering of the Bhagavata which will reflect, however faintly, its real tone and spirit.



At Naimisha Sutra requested to expound the glories of the Lord
Suta’s brief reference to Hari’s glories
A brief reference to several Avataras. The greatness of the Bhagavata
The origin of the Bhagavata Purana and Parikshit’s preparation to listen to it
Narada’s exemplary life-his previous life
Narda’s vision of God in the forest
Suka learns the Bhagavata, Aswathama loses his jewel
Krishna protects the child of Uttara. Yudhishtira’s repentence
Bhishma expounds Dharma and departs.
Krishna leaves for Dwaraka in the midst of praises of the women.
Krishna’s exemplary behaviour towards His parents and elders.
Parikshit ye in the womb sees Krishna protecting him.
Yudhishtira’s Aswamedha
Vidura’s return-Dhritarashtra retires to the Himalays.
Arjuna returns to Indraprastha with the news of the Yadavas.
Arjuna tells of Yadavas end under the curse. Yudhishtira prepares to withdraw to Swarga
Parikshit-his son Janamejaya-his conquests and conversation with Dharma and Earth
Kali submits to Parikshit
Samika’s hermitage. Parikshit’s mistake. The sage’s son curses.
Parikshit’s fasts, gets sages round him-Suka arrives-requested the exposition of Bhagavata.


Suka tells how to contemplate the Virat form
The course of contemplation. The necessity for Bhakti.
Hari confers Moksha. The other gods limited blessings.
Details of creation step by step
Creation as explained by Brahma
Brahma explains creation from other points of view.
Some important Avataras and their work described.
Parikshit’s enquiry about God, the soul and the body.
The Bhagavata as taught to Brahma.
The ten characteristics of the Bahagavata.