If - A Collection of Short Stories

If - A Collection of Short Stories

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Author: Neeru Nanda
Publisher: Rupa
Year: 2006
Language: English
Pages: 201
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8129108445


Ramsingh sells his land for a sum beyond his comprehension. Ignorant as he is, he collides with his benefactress over a lowly job for his son. The Peak.

An innocent fight between two children escalates into an ugly adult argument at a funeral. His Father’s Funeral.

Suman, a destitute widow with three children, cheated into a second marriage, tears up her marriage certificate in a great show of courage and pride. Room No 38.

A surrogate family rebuilds life around an old woman much to the chagrin of her real family. Lonely, Not Dead.

A well-to-do farmer’s wife loses everything, including her husband, in a flood. Unable to come to terms with her circumstances, she runs away to Bombay where she finds her innocence twisted and pawned at the hands of a street villain named Hero. Until her thirteen-year-old daughter takes destiny in her own hands. Sanskriti.

Strong medicine-and we need it sometimes. A thoughtful, disturbing picture of contemporary life in urban India. As a writer, Ms Nanda will definitely go places.
-Ruskin Bond



The Peak
His Father’s Funeral
Room No 38
The Sarvaguru
Memories. And Other Possessions
The Silent River
The Surrogate Father
Lonely, Not Dead
The Ghost Writer
Mentoring Sunita