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Author: Ruskin Bond
Publisher: Rupa
Year: 2006
Language: English
Pages: 156
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8129108283


I have lived to see Bombay become Mumbai, Calcutta become Kolkata, and Madras become Chennai. Times change, names change, and if Bond Becomes Bonda I won’t object.

With these lines, begins another brilliant collection of essays, stories and poems by writer par excellence, Ruskin bond. With an ability to look at ordinary situations with unique wit and acuity, Ruskin Bond invites us into his home, his countryside, his life.

Peopled with monkeys, wild boars, an aunt with a phobia of flowers, an eccentric cousin who thinks he is the great cricket player Ranji, the wise seven-year-old Gautam, this collection is an absorbing read for readers of all ages.



Belting around Mumbai
Monkey on the Roof
And in the Loo
And at the Bank
If Mice Could Row
In Search of Sweet-peas
The Regimental Myna
Monkey Trouble
Frogs in the Fountain
On Foot with Faith
The Zigag Walk
A Bicycle Ride with Uncle Ken
At Sea with Uncle Ken
Travels with my Bank Manager
Granny’s Tree-Climbing
My Failed Omelettes-and other Disasters
A Long Story
George and Ranji
Cricket-Field Placings
Whatever Happened to Romance?
In Praise of Older Women
Who Kissed me in the Dark?
A Frog Screams
All you Ned Is Paper
Song for a Beetle in a Goldfish Bowl
Odds and Ends