Healthy & Delicious Food for Children

Healthy & Delicious Food for Children

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Author: Nita Mehta
Publisher: Nita Mehta Publications
Year: 2006
Language: English
Pages: 104
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8176760056


My child does not eat anything! What to do ? This is the common problem faced by mothers of growing children. Healthy & Delicious Food for Children has been written to solve this dilemma of young mothers.

The author of the book is a mother of two healthy children. She is also a school teacher and has a long association with children as well as their parents. Their needs, likes and dislikes are very well known to her.

Each recipe in this book has been tried several times and does not need any elaborate cooking. All the ingredients used are easily available in every kitchen. Apart from being easy-to-cook and good to eat, they are all very nutritive and healthy.

A balanced diet consists of different types of food in the right quantity. To increase the nutritive content of foods, soya bean powder made by grinding soya nutrinuggets, has been added. It enhances the food’s nutrition without disturbing the taste. Ground almonds & peanuts too are added in many recipes to fulfil the extra protein needs of a growing child. Now relax and watch your child grow up well!




Nutritive Maggie Hearts
Gold Coins
Soya-Palak Puri
Mango Pancake
Vegetable Pancakes
Soya-Aloo Ki Puri
Moong Sprout Parantha
Special full Meal Dosa
Moong Sprout Apple Burger
Kathi Nugget Rolls
Channa Dal Parantha
Salty Pancakes
Banana Pancakes

Dalia Upma
Vegetable Delight
Vegetable Bread Pizza

Delicious Aloo Bonda
Paneer Rolls
Macaroni in tomato sauce
Creamy Nutritive Noodles
Cheesy Balls
Nugget Shami Kebabs
Corn Vegetable Cutlet
Dal Idli
Idli Pakora
Nutrient Snacks
Rice Pakora
Dal Pakora
Savoury Lollipops

Sandwich Faces
Open Grilled Sandwich
Cheese & Cucumber Sandwich
Cheese Raisin Sandwich
Carrot & Apple Sandwich
Bread Uttapam

Nutritious Aloo Makhana
Cheese & Potato Bake
Red Fried Rice with Soya Nuggets
Corn Carrot Delight
Palak Lajawaab
Channa Palak
Palak Soya
Chatpata Masla Soyabean
Beans in Coconut
Baked Corn
Mysterious Dal
Nutritious Yellow Dal
Cheesy Corn Soup
Cheese Soup
Moong & Peas Pulao
Nutritious Pau Bhaji

Quick Chocolate Biscuit Cake
Biscuity Chocolate Shake
Honeyed Banana Shake
Bournvita Shake