Astrology  - Third Eye of Vedas

Astrology - Third Eye of Vedas

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Author: Gopal Das Neeraj
Arastu Prabhakar/
Publisher: Fusion Books
Year: 2006
Language: English
Pages: 114
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8189605879


Astrology is called the third eye of Vedas. It is the permutation & combination of light. The entire universe is governed by energy. This energy in the form of light through the medium of planets governs, controls and directs our activities till our death.

All the chapters, included in this book, are the out come of research carried out over a decade and every chapter includes informative contents which might be quite useful to readers. The book is an effort to set free astrology from the clutches of orthodoxy, pedantism, traditionalism and all set to reflect principles of the universe with logical explanations.


Transit-the Perpetuation of events
Determination of Success and Failure in Career
The Study of Krishnamurty Padhati in Right Perspective
Krishnamurty Padhati-Useful Guidelines
The Importance of Sub Lord in Deciding Educational Discipline
Discussion on the Efficacy of Krishnamurty Padhati (Rectification of Birth Time)
Discussion on the Efficacy of Krishnamurty Padhati
Astrological Study of the Government-A New Technique of Judgement
A New Approach to the Study of Prastarashtak Varga
Few Fundamental Principles of Astrology
Spiritual Achievements
Role of Lord of Constellation and Sub in Predictions
A Right Approach to Determination of Profession (Lawyer’s Combination)
Horary Astrology-The Sublime Art of Prediction
A New Approach to Matching of Charts