Muslims in the Deccan -  A Historical Survey

Muslims in the Deccan - A Historical Survey

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Author: Omar Khalidi
Publisher: Global Media
Year: 2006
Language: English
Pages: 177
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8188869139


Muslims of South Asia represent a major chunk of the billion and a half strong Islamic ummah. Within the South Asian subcontinent, Muslims of the Deccan represent a highly visible, upwardly mobile, culturally productive segment of the ummah. However, systematic work on the history of the growth and evolution of the Deccani Muslims based on primary sources is lacking. To date no work based on through research using primary sources, filed observations, personal interviews exists on the history of the Deccani Muslims.

Together with Muslims of Upper India, Delhi, UP, and Bihar, the Deccani Muslims constitute a large group of Indian Muslim with many common traits, besides that of the faith itself. Needless to say, this category excludes the tiny mercantile communities such as the Bohras and Khojas, even though numerous in Bombay. Each chapter includes a description and analysis of each group from the earliest to roughly the mid-twentieth century, when the Nizam’s dominion of the Deccan of Hyderabad state fell to the Indian forces in 1948.

Omar Khalidi’s work Muslims in the Deccan: A Historical Survey, fills a major gap in the history of Islam in South Asia.




The Earliest Muslims in the Deccan: The Konkanis

Sayyids of Hadramawt

The Hadramis in the Modern Deccan

The Habashis: The Africans of the Deccan

The Shi'ahs of the Deccan

The Pathans in the Deccan

The Rise and Fall of a Muslim Militia: The Rizakars of Hyderabad, 1940-1950

Deccani Muslims: Half a Century since Hyderabad's Fall