Qigong Energy Healing

Qigong Energy Healing

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Author: Master Gao Yun
Master Bai Yin/
Publisher: Pilgrims Publishing
Year: N/A2003
Language: English
Pages: 000
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8177691252


Qigong energy healing means strengthening the life energy with sounds, the right timing and diet, with certain mudras, and with the five rejuvenation exercises. These five elements are the basis for revitalizing the energetic field of the body and mind.

With the help of Qigong Energy Healing, everybody can find out his own qi code, the best time of the day, the right sounds, the mudras, and the vitalizing five elements rejuvenation exercises that correspond to his personal type. These exercises are short, meditation movements that can be performed effortlessly.

They cleanse the meridians, so that the qi can flow freely. Also suitable for those who have no previous experience with qigong. Master Gao Yun has helped many people all over the world regain their health. She is the only qigong woman Master in china and the youngest among further 10 official ones. Together with her daughter, Master Bai Yin, she gives lectures and holds Qigong seminars worldwide.