My Life in Tibet

My Life in Tibet

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Author: Edwin John Dingle
Publisher: Pilgrims Publishing
Year: 2005
Language: English
Pages: 194
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8177692909


A boy is born in a quiet country district in England. A revered Lama dies in eastern Tibet. What is the connection between these isolated events thousands of miles apart?

Somewhere in eastern Tibet, we never actually find out where, is an isolated monastery cloaked in immense mystery. Strange supernatural and metaphysical methods practiced here give rise to some human experiences that defy logic.

The author, Edwin John Dingle, travels across China from Shanghai where he has been a journalist for some years, to this hidden temple. Here he meets his Tibetan spiritual master. A sense of calling has driven him beyond human misery to reach this holy shrine of learning. Has knowledge of the inner workings f the hidden part of the human brain been lost to all but a few guardians left isolated here in Tibet?

Writing now some thirty years later, he vividly recalls happenings of an occult nature. How do masters of meditation walk on hot rods, sit in frozen caverns, their body heat melting snow? And yet stranger, how do they leave the living world and return from a state of apparent death? We delve into the deepest chasms of the meaning of life in this exceedingly unusual book.