The Fundamentals of Advaita Vedanta

The Fundamentals of Advaita Vedanta

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Author: K Narain
Publisher: Indica Books
Year: 2006
Language: English
Pages: 312
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8188260002


This book is a reliable compendium covering the whole gamut of philosophical problems and metaphysical issues concerning the system of Sri Shankaracharya’s Advaita Vedanta. Besides referring to the philosophical conceptions and arguments as available in Shankara’s works, it also attempts the exposition of the arguments and ideas of the eminent post-shankarite philosophers.

This work is a thorough exposition, based on original Sanskrit sources, of the fundamentals of Advaita Vedanta as a whole, distributing the book in chapters related to different philosophical topics. The author also refers to some of the modern criticism against Advaita Vedanta by the protagonists of Dvaita Vedanta and Buddhism.


1. Introduction
2. Criterion of Truth
3. Nature and Orders of Reality
4. The Nature of Falsehood
5. Epistemology
6. Refutation of Difference
7. Theory of Causality
8. The Conception of Maya
9. The Concept of God (Isvara)
10. Philosophy of Individual Soul
11. Philosophy of World
12. The Summum Bonum and the Means
13. Concluding Remarks