Hindu - Muslim Relations

Hindu - Muslim Relations

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Author: M K A Siddiqui
Publisher: Institute of Objective Studies
Year: 2005
Language: English
Pages: 165
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8185220123


All the three essays in this volume deal with different aspects of inter-relationship between the Hindu and the Muslim communities in India. Keeping in view the laboriously induced conflicts in contemporary life, which obscure our vision from integrational aspects, due emphasis has been laid on the forgotten realities of racial and linguistic affinities, of sharing of social organizational features so also of quite a few customs manners and superstitions, of functional interdependence and above all of the complementary and interlocking character of the two communities in the larger framework of the society and economy of the country.

It has been painstakingly shown that elements of estrangement introduced and accelerated by the colonial rulers in Hindu-Muslim relationship were later found suitable by the dominant segment of the Indian society in its endeavour for continued domination of the traditionally underprivileged in the caste hierarchy. Communalism, mainly arising from contradiction between caste and democracy, is an effective tool for stalling democratic egalitarianism and social justice.

The estranged inter-community relationship has the logical effect of infusing greater consciousness of identity and stronger urge for cultural self-preservation, particularly among the minority groups under pressure.

The remarkable extent of integration that has been achieved over a number of centuries of association and is observable even in a massive urban complex of the size of Calcutta today, remains largely unnoticed in this tension ridden atmosphere. The clouds of despair are however bound to disappear, because the reality cannot be obscured for long.





Hindu-Muslim Relationship-An Approach to the Study

Implications of Majority-Minority Relationship

Muslims in Calcutta-Aspects of their Relationship with the Metropolis