Forgiveness - Finding Freedom Through Reconcilation

Forgiveness - Finding Freedom Through Reconcilation

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Author: Avis Clendenen
Troy Martin/
Publisher: Crossword Publishing
Year: 2002
Language: English
Pages: 129
ISBN/UPC (if available): 0-8245-1964-7


This book is an invaluable resource for healing broken relationship in all areas of life, personal and societal.

The authors do an excellent job of exploring the roles of the offender, offended and community in this process of authentic engagement. Repentance, forgiveness, and reconciliation are key concepts in restorative justice and this book is a basic text for understanding these values.

Confessors and pastoral counselors often wish they had a theologically sound, handy resource to recommend to persons who struggle with forgiving others, a guide they can use in the often long process of forgiveness and reconciliation. This book is such a resource.



Exploring the Dilemma of Fracture and Forgiveness through Story

Interpersonal and Intrapsychic Models of Forgiveness

A Theology of Being Human

Biblical Confrontation and Accountability

The Psychology and Theology of Confrontation

Biblical Insights into Repentance and Accountability

Theological and Psychological Insights into Repentance

Biblical Insights into the Transferal of Responsibility and Release

The Grace and Burden of Unfinished Business

Concluding the Stories