International Relations in India - Theorising the Regions and Nation

International Relations in India - Theorising the Regions and Nation

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Author: Kanti Bajpai
Siddharth Mallavarapu/
Publisher: Orient Longman
Year: 2005
Language: English
Pages: 414
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8125026401


"Good theory is ultimately vindicated in practice. This companion volume to International Relations in India: Bringing Theory Back Home is informed by this premise. Drawing on an awareness of eclectic theoretical sensibilities ranging from varieties of realism to newer social constructivist variants, this reader witnesses the application of these strands to real world issues. Conventional areas of International Relations focus such as power an violence take on new interpretations depending on the vantage point from which they are observed.

Encompassing different critical perspectives but retaining a commitment to contest taken-for-granted axioms, this collection testifies to a promising though nascent constellation of scholarship for the future of the discipline in India. The interplay between identities and foreign policy, the theoretical unravelling of borders with accompanying notions of territoriality and a leeway into the world of critical geopolitics makes for particularly engaging reading. Of particular relevance here are contributions in the field of international political economy, an area of traditional neglect in the South Asian setting.

The intent of the volume is to create the conditions for a sustained and serious theoretical conversation in the Indian variant of the discipline of International Relations. The quest to discern new normative spaces from within the resources of the discipline forms and integral dimension of this volume-a much-needed corrective to reliance on entrenched orthodoxies in the discipline. While conscious of the need to be aware of recent developments in the global field, the contributions in this collection critically re-evaluate the merit of the prevailing terms of debate in our contemporary political context."


Introduction/Kanti Bajpai.

1. Understanding international conflict in the Third World: a conceptual enquiry/A.P. Rana.

2. International political economy and regime analysis: a developing country perspective/Jagadish K. Patnaik.

3. After nationalism? Elite beliefs, state interests, and international politics/Dawa Norbu.

4. Foreign policy and identity politics: realist versus culturalist lessons/Deepa M. Ollapally.

5. Neorealist theory and the India-Pakistan conflict/Rajesh Rajagopalan.

6. Rethinking security in South Asia/Sushil Kumar.

7. State, civil society, nation, nonalignment: discourses of freedom and foreign policy in India/Bhupinder Brar.

8. Indian geopolitics: 'Nation-state' and the colonial legacy/Sanjay Chaturvedi.

9. Ethnic sub-territoriality and the modern state: the case of North-Eastern India/Samir Kumar Das.

10. Borders as unsettled markers in South Asia: a case study of the Sino-Indian border/Paula Banerjee.

11. The failed dialectic of territoriality and security, and the imperatives of dialogue/Ranabir Samaddar.

12. The discreet charms of Indian terrorism/Ashis Nandy. Index.