A Feminist Reading of Womanhood in Dark Kali Tradition

A Feminist Reading of Womanhood in Dark Kali Tradition

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Author: Santanu K Patro
Publisher: ISPCK
Year: 2005
Language: English
Pages: 469
ISBN/UPC (if available): 81-7214-857-7


An accurate construction of Kali tradition is empowering women. It also helps in celebrating womanhood. In that the facts of history of Kali tradition are not altered but important omissions are filled in. There is no doubt that patriarchy under the guise of Hindu religious tradition has certainly tempered with historical data and made authentic aberration in interpreting Kali tradition. Feminisms as a principle of analysis counters mythologies and symbols that legitimizes exclusive male domination. In Kali tradition there is an ample opportunity to judiciously select myths and symbols through which is it possible to celebrate womanhood.

A vision for reconciliation is based on shared respect to differences, and realization that women suffer of their sex. Patriarchal alimentation, individualism and arrogance must vie ways to relatedness and interdependence. Men and women together can bring healing to humanity. It is rather ambiguous to imagine the exclusion of women. The plurality and diversity of existence is essential to live in harmony with each other.

In searching for the notions of womanhood, one needs to go beyond the existing philosophical and classical traditions. Since Kali tradition is a non-Aryan, non-Brahmanical and non-Sanskritic tradition, it is necessary to see how once can construct a feminist train of thought for Indian women in Kali tradition.