Chakra Workout for Body, Mind & Spirit

Chakra Workout for Body, Mind & Spirit

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Author: Blawyn and Jones
Publisher: Pustak Mahal
Year: 2005
Language: English
Pages: 230
ISBN/UPC (if available): 81-223-0062-6


Are you dissatisfied with your present level of physical and spiritual energy? Are you disillusioned by non-integrated techniques that deal with either your physical body or your spiritual being, as if the two were disassociated from each other? If the answer to either of those questions is 'yes', then this book can help.

With just a few minutes per day of dynamic movement and consciously controlled breathing, you will begin to move your Chi, or vital energy- and you will experience heightened levels of physical energy, greater mental clarity, and a more fit and flexible body. As your reservoir of energy increases, your joy will increase, you will possess a greater capacity to function happily and productively, and your spiritual progress will begin.

This book gracefully blends the tradition of Yoga, Sufism, and Taoism for the modern seeker. You will learn the ancient techniques of rejuvenation from cultures around the world - and achieve definitive results at your own pace, in the privacy of your own home. Meeting the demands of your daily obligations can drain you, frustrate you and slowly kill you in both body and sprit. Regain the vibrant physical and spiritual energy that is your birthright - self-discovery begins here.

- Harness the healing energy inside your body
- Begin a path of spiritual transformation
- Discover the ultimate peace through meditation


A lucid, beautiful and practical exposition of alchemical dynamic meditation - the best compilation of usable material to appear in a decade.
- Dr John Mumford, author of Ecstasy Through Tantra