Essays in Life and Eternity

Essays in Life and Eternity

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Author: Swami Krishnananda
Publisher: Divine Life Society
Year: 1990
Language: English
Pages: 251
ISBN/UPC (if available): 81-7052-073-8


The wonder of creation is what generally stimulates the highest possible reaches of thought and feeling. The objective universe , remaining, nevertheless as a universal inclusiveness, encounters us as an intelligent and purposive operation motivated by a central aim arising from the very heart of all things. Such a fundamental essence has been called God in theological terms, as the Absolute in Philosophy, as the very Substance that transcends even space and time.

Dissatisfaction with the existing condition of things is the beginning of philosophical investigation. On a careful scrutiny it could be observed that nothing can satisfy as long as man's relation to the universe remains a mystery and there is a paltry understanding of the nature and purpose of life. Life is an adjustment of personality with the environment and can assume a meaning only when there is a conscious appreciation of what kind of adjustment it is that is required in order that one may live a meaningful life.

The arrangement of thought in these essays can be viewed either from the point of view of the cause manifesting itself as its natural effects, or the effect evolving gradually into the substance of the cause.

Philosophy is the rational foundation of religion, and religion is the practice of philosophy. The development of the religious consciousness in the human individual is the enhancement of dimension in experience achieved through the series of the degrees in which man adjust himself with the universe.

This book is an attempt to present in a sequential order certain ideas that may be said to appertain to an outlook of life which would adequately comprehend within itself the process of the envisagement of values that are supposed to form the structure of the general pattern of our existence. It is fairly obvious that we do not start thinking without a basis on which it to found itself, an acceptance of what may be called indubitable and certain for all practical purposes.