Auctioning the Left Out - Christians in Civil Society Building

Auctioning the Left Out - Christians in Civil Society Building

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Author: Toms K Thomas
Publisher: Indian Social Institute
Year: 2005
Language: English
Pages: 121
ISBN/UPC (if available): 81-87218-97-5


Call for professionalism in Non Government Sector increased the gap between development organizations and the Poor. The funding criteria of donors have changed over years and professionalism overtook the initial passion of compassion. Principles of sustainability and Cost recovery stamped working with the very poor as very risky and draw a line between development organizations like CHAI with passion of compassion in spite of this development in development finance uphold their focus on the poor. This made Christian Development work more challenging.

Development in the health care services in India is yet to reach the poor living in remote rural areas because or their inability to pay. While health care services and hospitals are mushrooming in cities and towns, people living in remote rural localities still depend on untrained private parishioners for majority of their health care services.

The Christian Development work whether health care or other are done mostly in isolation. This is mainly due to differences in faith and different reasoning behind development work. However it is important to bring the Christian development organization under one umbrella to better the impact of the poor. This would reduce the cost and increase the out reach of Christian development work. While embracing Professionalism, Christian Development Organizations should be careful in not loosing their identity.