Handbook of Poverty

Handbook of Poverty

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Author: R Radhakrishna
Shovan Ray/
Editor(s): R Radhakrishna / Shovan Ray
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Year: 2005
Language: English
Pages: 185
ISBN/UPC (if available): 019567513-4


Poverty reduction has been a major goal of development policy in India sinc3e independence. Focusing on poverty as a product of livelihood systems and the sociological and economic forces that shape them, this handbook argues that multidimensional interventions such as land rights, bargaining power for improved wage, health care, micro-finance, and social security are needed for accelerating poverty reduction.

While providing a historical account of the incidences, trends and determinants of poverty, the handbook analyses:

major policies and programmes in the post-reform period that include land reforms, self-employment, and public distribution systems

important legislative and other initiatives taken by the government

institutional interventions such as employment security, relief measures, food security, land reforms that focus on strengthening the base of the poor, furthering human development, and empowering vulnerable groups

public expenditure on social services and poverty alleviation programmes

rural banking and micro-credit operations

Showcasing the work of some of the foremost scholars in development economics and focusing on key social issues in the ;post-reform ear, this handbook is required reading for students, policy planners, and researchers of development.

It will also be a valuable guide for sociologists, activists, and aid agencies working on social and economic development. It is highly recommended for parliamentarians at the centre and at the state capitals for informed debates on policy options for poverty reduction in India.


Tables, Figures, and Boxes

Poverty Trends in India
Programmes and Policies for Poverty Alleviation
Institutional Interventions

Public Expenditure and Poverty Alleviation:
Trend and Cost Effectiveness of Social Services
and Poverty Alleviation Programmes

Credit Flows to the Poor:
Vulnerable Sections, Sectors, and Regions of the Indian Economy
A Review

NGOs and CBOs in Poverty Alleviation
Social Mobilization, Empowerment and Poverty Alleviation