Sacred Festivals

Sacred Festivals

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Author: Jeremy Hunter
Photographer: Jeremy Hunter
Publisher: ABACUS
Year: 2002
Language: English
Pages: 256
ISBN/UPC (if available): 1-84072-283-5


Somewhere in the world, on any given day of the year, there is a festival or pilgrimage. Some are celebrated against a backdrop of the world's most stunning landscapes; other release on to modern street the atavistic beliefs and pulsating rhythms of an earlier age. And all th4 extraordinary rituals and fantastic imagery are created by the participants themselves, not by Disney or Hollywood.

Sacred Festivals is a photographic journey of a lifetime - a journey made over twenty-five years by award-winning photographer Jeremy Hunter.

Including two hundred stunning color and black and white photographs showing thirty extraordinary festivals, often set against breathtaking landscapes, Sacred Festival invites readers to travel back through the centuries to catch fragments of past cultures, peoples and religions.

Jeremy has passionately searched the globe for time-capsule festivals and celebrations, religious and secular, where traditions have remained largely unchanged over the past several hundred years or more. His aim has been to capture on film those events that each year become more fragile and in danger of being consumed in the march of progress and its consequent globalization.

His quest has taken him to so many remote and exotic regions of the world, as well as to little-known backyards events that are locked into local cultures. Following the festival calendar, Jeremy moves across the globe, witnessing the rowdy excitement of camel fights in remote Turkey, the colorful processions of monks and devotees at The Grand Summons of the Labrang Monastery in Tibet, the gathering of millions of Hindu pilgrims to Allahabad for the celebration of Maha Kumbh Mela. He records the little-known Horn Dance of Abbots Bromely in the Industrial English Midlands where a village church houses six pairs of Saxson reindeer horns that a re annually blessed and carried by dancers to neighboring villages. He captures the shocking events of entranced participants at the Song Dao festival in Thailand, the sublime beauty of the golden karaweik (ceremonial barge) at it is moved along with waterways of Burma and the poignancy of the Tarahumara Indians as they celebrate the miraculous appearance of Our Lady of Gudalupe.

Sacred Festivals is an enchanting book, full of dramatic images and vivid eye-witness accounts that will inspire the traveler, the anthropologist, the photographer and the lover of beautiful and evocative images in all of us.



Turkey- devi guresi, Kusadai
India - maha kumbh mela, allahabad

French Guiana - nardi gras, cayenne
Tibet - grand summons of the labrang monastery, xiahe

Guatemala - easter the the festival of maximon
India - ganguar, udaipur
Russia - praznik cevera, murmansk
Vietnam - huong rich, huong son mountains

France - Saintes-maries-de-la-mer, camargue

Spain - la romeria del rocio, andalucia


Turkey - cirit, konya
Malaysia - festival of the goddess amman, kuala lumpur
Ireland - ascent of croagh padraig, co. mayo

Portugal - romarias da assuncao, minho
Germany - alphornfest, nesselwang
Poland - pogrzebu I triumfu matki bozej, poland's calvaries
Poland - przemienienia panskiego, grabarka

England - the abbots bromely horn dance, staffordshire
Mexico - nuestra senora del patrocinio, zacatecas
France - fete de daint-michel, normandy

Spain - nuestra senore del pilar, zaragoza
Thailand - song dao, phuket
Burma - phaung daw u, inle lake

Indonesia - galugan-kuningan, bali
India - Kartika purnima, pushkar

Mexico - nuestra senora de guadalupe, sierra tarahumara