An Integral View of Poetry - An Indian Perspective

An Integral View of Poetry - An Indian Perspective

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Author: Vinayak Krishna Gokak
Publisher: Abhinav Publications
Year: 1975
Language: English
Pages: 220
ISBN/UPC (if available): 81-7017-028-1


This is an original approach to poetry, the poetic process and to an interpretation of the various constituents of poetry and of the configuration of all these elements into the magic that is poetry, supported by the tradition of Indian aesthetics that has always regarded great poets as seers and prophets. Stimulated by European literary criticism and by modern critics like T S Eliot, I a Richards and the New Critics, Indian aesthetics and modern Indian thinkers like Sri Aurobindo, Professor Vinayak Krishna Gokak has formulated a theory of poetry which is a new and synthetic statement doing justice to al aspects of the subject. His experience as Professor of English language and literature in quite a few Indian universities and as Professor of Literary Interpretation to teachers and lecturers from all over India has stood him in good stead in this formulation.

The book opens with an account of the poetic process in which all the key-words of aesthetic theory, Inspiration, Imitation, Expression, Communication, Persuasion and Configuration-are seen to fit into their places in a comprehensive account of the poetic process. This is followed by chapters on-Vision in Poetry, The Four Levels of Poetic vision, The Five Kinds of Poetic Vision, The Poet and the Structure of Personality. The most original part of this account of poetry comes up next in an analysis of Attitudes and Moods in Poetry. This is followed by chapters on-Poetic Meaning, Rhythm, Imagery, diction, Style, Propriety, a Touchstone of Poetry and The Fulfilment of Poetry.

Students of Poetry who pick up this book will not be easily inclined to lay it down many of them, it will be a profound experience to be cherished and remembered for long.



The Poetic Process

Vision in Poetry

The Four Levels of Poetic Vision

The Five Kinds of Poetic Vision

The Poet and the Structure of Personality

Attitude and Mood-Comprehensiveness in Poetry

Poetic Meaning-Inner and Outer






A Touchstone of Poetry

The Fulfillment of Poetry