The Academic's Guide to Publishing

The Academic's Guide to Publishing

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Author: Rob Kitchin
Duncan Fuller/
Publisher: Sage Publications
Year: 2005
Language: English
Pages: 191
ISBN/UPC (if available): 817829592X


For academics and postgraduates alike, this is the definitive guide to successfully publishing research. Its working premise is that completing a project is only the first phase of research. Publication is the second phase, and it requires specific skills and knowledge.

This book provides the essential information on these skills in clear and succinct form:

Explains the different ways in which research can be published: in journals, books, reports, the Internet, popular media, and conferences.

Demonstrates how the structures, practices and procedures involved work-making them easily understood and transparent.

Situates research in the larger and changing context of Higher Education.

The Academic’s Guide to Publishing will show you how to secure a job, how to gain tenure, how to survive research assessment exercises, and how to obtain promotion. If you are a postgraduate or an established academic, this guide is a vital resource. This is one of the few books that places publication in a wider context of career development and progression, or the organization and regulation of academic life.




Publishing Research
A Strategic Approach to Publication
Working with Others
General Writing Advice
Malpractices and Intellectual Property
Writing for Journals and Edited Books
Writing Reports
Publishing on the Internet
Dissemination through Popular Media
Types of Book and Selecting a Publisher
Writing and Submitting a Book Proposal
Negotiating a Book Contract
Writing a Book
Editing a Book or Special Issue
Self-publishing a Book
Proposing a New Journal or Book Series
Editing a Journal or Newsletter
The Production Process
Attending Conferences and Presenting Papers and Posters
Making and Keeping Contacts
Organizing Events
Final Words

Useful references and resources

Questions journal editors are often asked

Refereeing for journals and publishers