Learn Hindi in a Month  (ENGLISH + HINDI)

Learn Hindi in a Month (ENGLISH + HINDI)

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Author: Ishwar Datt
Publisher: Readwell Publications
Language: multilingual
Pages: 201
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8187782005


Hindi, numerically the biggest of the indo-Aryan family, is the official language of the Government of India. It is a sweet language; its literature is rich in mystical experiences, spirituality and beauties of Nature. Most of the English speaking nations, disgusted with the science and scientific ogress, blinded by the dazzle of scientific achievements and fatigued by the speed of life are seeking refuge in religion and spirituality.

Without passing through the crucible of personal experiences one can learn much from Hindi literature. It is here that the need to learn Hindi arises. The author of Readwell’s Learn Hindi in a Month has done a wonderful job in simplifying the procedure of learning Hindi through English. If you are seeking spiritual enlightenment, mental peace and communion with the Alimighty, Hindi can go a long way. Foreigners will discover a new world through Hindi where as Indians will be Indians by learning Hindi.



Alphabets, Vowels
Vowels & Consonants put together
Building the Words
Introducing Conjuncts
Grammar Noun
Grammar Number
Grammar Case
Grammar Pronouns
Grammar Verb
Grammar Tense
Grammar Auxiliary Verbs
Grammar Compound Verbs
Grammar Participles
Grammar Moods
Grammar Adverb
Grammar Pronoun
Grammar Adjective
Imperatives & Useful Expressions
Use of No
Some More Expressions-About the Shop
Seasons & Weather
Requests & Permissions
Exercises for Letters Reading