The Last Lambada

The Last Lambada

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Author: Sisir Das
Publisher: Sterling
Year: 1998
Language: English
Pages: 169
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8120721179


This is not just the story of the Lambada clan - favorites of a goddess, champion fornicators and ruthless rulers of a part of coastal Orissa.

This is a story about life's caprices, of fantasy and fact, tradition and modernity, of faith and enduring wretchedness. For, sex and piety lay a strange foundation for a clan that unleashes a reign of terror for four hundred years.

Is it a myth or is it the truth, or is it neither?

It all begins when a man with an extra large fittings, flees from his excesses, and starts the ruling Lambada clan with the help of a naughty goddess, who in a fit of frenzy decrees the doom of the clan through death, desertion and lost libido.

Engaging and witty, glistening with irony, nuanced yet blunt and cynical - the novel takes a rollicking and serious look at the oppressors and oppressed of India, with the inherent paradoxes of lust and license, and no less, of faith and foible.