Vadanyaya - The Nyaya-Buddhist Controversy

Vadanyaya - The Nyaya-Buddhist Controversy

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Author: Mangla R Chinchore
Publisher: Sri Satguru Publications
Year: 1988
Language: English
Pages: 233
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8170301254


The present work attempts to critically evaluate the Nyaya- Buddhist controversy regarding the nature and status of Nigra-hasthanas with special reference to Dharmakirti’s Vadanyaya. The standpoints of pre-Dharmakirti Nyaya philosophers concerning Nigrahasthanas is explicated and articulating Dharmakirti’s line of thinking concerning them, his criticism of Nyaya Nigrahas-thanas is given in details.

Post-Dharmakirti Nyaya reactioins to Dharmakirti are critically considered and methodological perspectives of Nyaya and Buddhism concerning Nigrahasthanas and their implicationis are discussed. The whole exercise aims at placing the Vadanyaya and the Nyaya-Buddhist controversy concerning Nigrahasthanas in its proper perspective within the framework of the History of Indian Philosophical ideas understood appropriately. The work is published under Bihliotheca Indo-Budhica Series.





Chapter I: Vadanyaya and Buddhist Philosophy
Chapter II: Pre-Vartika consideratioin of Nigrahasthanas
Chapter III: Udyotakara on Nigrahasthanas
Chapter IV: Salient Features of Dharmakirti’s Methodoly
Chapter V: Spuriousness of the Nyaya Nigrahasthanas
Chapter VI: The Nyaya and Buddhist Perspectives: A Point of Contrast
Chapter VII: The Post-Dharmakirti Nyaya Reactions