Encyclopaedia of Indian Music with Special Reference to Ragas

Encyclopaedia of Indian Music with Special Reference to Ragas

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Author: S K Ramachandra Rao
Publisher: Sri Satguru Publications
Year: 1988
Language: English
Pages: 276
ISBN/UPC (if available): 817030007X


Indian music, perhaps world’s oldest, is full of beauties and mysteries. Unlike Western Music, Indian music is not written down. It is handed down orally from the teacher to his student, from the Guru to his Shishya. To the uninitated terms such as the raga, tala, laya, alap, are exotic jargaon. , Thumri or Bhajan or ghazal equally mysteries. So is the whole range of persuasion and striuged instruments.

The three volume work on the theory of Indian Music seeks to unravel the mystery of the unique performing art. It initiates a method of discovery which the reader experiences almost unconsciously as he reads on. Precise notations of important ragas on the pattern of western written music have made musical exercise easy, clear and methodical. Debates and controversies which are essential for the development and flowering of fresh knowledge have been included. Bhatkhande’s famous polemics over the interpretation of Ratnakara with Philharmonic Society is a part of the book.

Also the suitability of Harmonium as an instrument of classical music is discussed. The concluding volume takes into account the universal notation and tuning for Kheyal instruments adopted by the Philharmonic Society. For anybody interested in performing listening and appreciating Indian Music, the volumes are indispensable source-books. The Wealth of information with practical lessons would delight any lover of music anywhere.


The Theory of Indian Music

I. Preface by Mr Clements I.C.S.
II. Ornament by Mr K T Pitre
III. Musical Form in Hindustani singing by Mr K T Pitre
IV. The Discovery of a New Rag called Bhinnashadaj by K B Deval
V. Supplementary note on the above by Sirdar Abasaheb Muzumdar
VI. Criticism by Mr N S Phadke
VII. Criticism by Mr G J Agashe
VIII. Criticism by Mr G S Khare
IX. Criticism by Mr E Clements
X. A treatise on Gandhar Gram and Gram Sadharan by Mr. K.B. Deval

The Philharmonic Society
Objects of the Society
Publications of the Society
Introduction by Mr. Clements to which is appended three harmonium tuning methods, and an answer to criticism
Programme of the Concert
Speech by H.H. The Maharaja of Kolhapur
Speech by Mr. Deval
Speech by Mr. Clements
Speech by His Excellency
Speech by the Chief of Bhor
Song of Welcome, Raga Kafi
Song of Welcome, Raga Deshkar
The Shuddh Jatis
Example in Deshi Todi
Example in Kanada
Example in Asvari
Example in Khamaj Gara
Invocation to Calliope
Irish Folk Song