Ardha Magadhi Reader

Ardha Magadhi Reader

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Author: B D Jain
Publisher: Sri Satguru Publications
Year: 1982
Language: English
Pages: 224
ISBN/UPC (if available): N/A


In his speech at the S S Jain Conference held at Lahore in 1917, Principal A C Woolner of the Oriental College pointed out that the absence of Ardha-Magadhi Grammars and Readers was one of the chief causes why the study of Jaina scriptures was not so popular among European scholars as that of the Buddhist. At that time author has been collecting Jain Books for the Panjab University Library and in the course of a few months more, it seemed to him that sufficient materials had become available in the Library for the compilation of an Ardha-Magadhi Reader. Author, therefore, requested Principal Woolner to prepare an Ardha-Magadhi reader for the benefit of the Jains and others.

In the course of his trip during the Summer vacation 1920, he showed his manuscript to several Jains, laymen and monks at Calcutta, Bombay, Poona, Ahmedabad, Girnar, Palitana etc. They all agreed that really there was a great need for such a book.

Ardha-Magadhi like Sanskrit admits of declension in nouns for number and case, and of conjugation in verbs for person, tense and voice. In it there are two numbers, Singular and Plural; three genders Masculine, Feminine and Neuter; and eight cases with the same functions as in Sanskrit.




1. Ardha Magadhi Grammar

2. Ardha Magadhi Langauge and Literature

3. A Brief account of the Siddhanta

4. Extent of the Amgas

Jain Scholars in India
Jain manuscript
Note to Translation
Index of Words Explained in Footnotes
Index of Important Words and Subjects