Naturopathy -The Art of Drugless Healing

Naturopathy -The Art of Drugless Healing

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Author: V M Kulmarni
Publisher: Sri Satguru Publications
Year: 1997
Language: English
Pages: 313
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8170300363


Naturopathy signifies the treatment of disease with Nature’s resources-her free gifts-such as fresh air, pure water, bright sunlight, proper and timely sleep, natural diet etc. Primitive races, before the advent of medical science were utilizing Nature’s gifts for the cure of their ailments. The author has tried to prove that how all diseases can be cured and even prevented with Nature’s gift made use of in accordance with her own laws and without the help of any drugs.

The present book is divided into 12 chapters. Which includes-Naturopathy-its theory, principles and advantages; the causes of diseases and their remedies, Naturopathy verses drug treatment and drastic measure; its structure and natural functions. Changes and wastes that occur in the body; The structure of human body and its organs and natural functions. Progeny at will procreation of male and female child; Human life and its natural Sexual gratification; How man frustrates Nature’s plan and how he suffers on that account; Food cooked and uncooked a few receipts of uncooked food; Syrups and cold drinks for hot season, Vegetables substitutes for flesh meat preparations.

The five great constituents of human body, Psycho; therapy or mind cure, Electricity; Magnetism-metal, herbal and animal; Mesmerism-Human aura, Breathing exercises; Salutation to the Sun; Exercise-preventive and curative, exercises to strengthen whole body; Psychological exercises; Massage treatment, Natural and Rational living, Natural and health preserving dress. Natural and rational treatment of diseases Hints to physicians; the use of Nature’s bountries etc. the book contains several illustrations.


Chapter I: Salutation to Nature; Naturopathy; Its theory, principles and advantages; Kulkarni Naturopathy.
Chapter II: Naturopathy versus drug treatment and drastic measures; Vaccination; Plague; Salvarsan; Doctors and quacks; Tuberculin, Etc.
Chapter III: Human body, its structure, and natural functions.
Chapter IV: Human Life and its natural wants
Chapter V: Man the Master-piece, how he frustrates Nature’s plan and how he suffers on that account
Chapter VI: Statement of a learned man
Chapter VII: The five great constituents of our body of which the universe is composed
Chapter VIII: Breathing exercise, general and psychic
Chapter IX: Exercise, Preventive and Curative
Chapter X: Mechano-Therapy or Massage treatment
Chapter XI: Natural and Rational living
Chapter XII: Natural and Rational treatment of diseases