Problems in Paradise

Problems in Paradise

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Author: Umesh Patri
Publisher: Hindi Sahitya Sadan
Year: 2002
Language: English
Pages: 170
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8186790314


Why they say-
Through the readings of popular scientific books I soon reached the conviction that much of the stories in the Bible could not be true.
The Life and Times of Einstein
Ed Ronaid Clerk, new York: World Publishing Co. 1971:17

The Bible contains a great number of obscene, vulgar, lewd, filthy stories and references. To say the least, much of it would not be discussed by cultured and refined people in the way it is set forth in the so-called holy book. Exaggerated sex references are numerous. As a history and a fair portrayal of the life of the ancient rabbinical life of the Jews, these things can be considered as a sort of history, but as a holy book, the inspired work of an all powerful, all-loving, all-kind god, the Bible sets a poor example.
-James Hervey Johnson
Freethoughth by Three Men
San Diego: Truth Seeker, 1991-121

It has often been said, that anything may be proved from the Bible but before anything can be admitted as proved to be true; for id the Bible be not true, or the truth of it be doubtful, it ceases to have authority, and cannot be admitted as proof of anything.
-Thomas Paine
The Age of reason
New York: Gramercy Books, 1993:75

Nobel Laureates say-
It is time to tell our Fundamentalists bluntly that they are the worst enemies of religion today: that Jehovah is no God, but a barbarous tribal idol; that the English Bible is yet a fumble of Superstition, obsolete cosmology and a theology presented in such an unbalanced one-sided way that the first Christian Catholic Church forbade the laity to red the Bible without special permission.
-George Bernard Shaw
Everybody’s Political What’s What

Its, the Bible notion of starry universe is childish, its history is epical and legendary: in short, people whose education in these departments is derived from the Bible are absurdly misinformed as to be unfit for public employment, parental responsibility or the franchise.
-George Bernard Shaw
Preface to Adventures of the Black Girl in Her Search for God.

Of all the creeds of Europe and Asia, that of Brahmanistic India seems to me the one which embraces the most of the universe. I do not speak against the others. I see in them moments of exceptional sublimity, giddy heights, spiritual fire. What makes me love Brahman concept above all is that it seems to me to contain them all. Better than the faith of Europe, It could harmonise itself with the vast hypothesis of modern science.
-Romain Rolland


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