Hindu Anatomy, Physiology, Therapeutics, History of Medicine and Practice of Physic

Hindu Anatomy, Physiology, Therapeutics, History of Medicine and Practice of Physic

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Author: K R L Gupta
Publisher: Sri Satguru Publications
Year: 1994
Language: English
Pages: 209
ISBN/UPC (if available): ? 8170300002


The present book embraces all the essential portions of the principles medical books of the Hindus. The present book is divided into four parts.

Part in is on Hindu Anatomy. This part is divided into Nine chapters. Ch. I is on Elements of the body; Ch. II Generation; Ch. III Growth and functions of the body; Ch. IV Structure of the Corporal part of the body (Anatomy); Ch. V; Vital parts. Ch. Vi Spiritual parts of the body; Ch. VII Nature of Temperaments; Ch. VIII Ages; Ch. X on Death.

Part second deals with Hindu Therapeutics. The Hindu sages believe that disease are either produced by sins committed in former life; by derangements of the humours; or by the combination of these two causes. The former type can be removed by prayers or sacrifices while the second type by only through medicine. This part is divided into four Chapters. Ch. I is on Hygeology. It includes in Section Materia Medica. The following remarks of Materia Medica have been included are on simple medicine; and second regarding the most common preparation and uses of Medicine. Ch. III is on Pharmacy or the preparation of Medicine. In this Chapter, the Weights and measures, with the preparation, and forms, and doses of medicine is taken up. Ch. IV is on the Surgery.

The following topics on Surgery are taken up in this chapter. I, The structure of the body and their natural and relative positions, so as to enable the Surgeon successfully to perform operations; 2. the nature of surgical diseases including inflammation, ulceration, and fistula; 3. Description of surgical instruments and bandages; The means of removing blood from the body, including cupping, leeches and sacrification; 5. Styptics; 6. Caustics, adtural and potential; 7. Burns and scalds; 8. Directions for Performing operations for removing foreign substances from the body, and for treating wounds.; 9. The means of improving, and of forming new ears and nose; 10. Of fractures and of their treatment; and of dislocations and their treatment. The part on Origin and History of Medicine includes-Rank of practitioner, and duties of teachers.; Character duties of Pupils; Duties of the Physicians of his attendent and of the Patient; and Recompence of the Physician.

Part IV is on the Practice of Physic-Ch. I is on General remarks on disease, general treatment of disease; Ch. II-Descriptions and treatment of particular diseases-Diseases of the Humors.




I. Elements of the Body
II. Generation
III. Groth & Functions of the Body
IV. Structure of the Corporal Part of the Body (Anatomy)
V. Vital Parts
VI. Spiritual Parts of the Body
VII. Nature of Temperaments
VIII. Ages
IX. On Death



I. Hygeology
II. Material Medica
III. Pharmacy or the Preparation of Medicine
IV. Surgery



I. Rank of Practitioners and Duties of Teachers
II. Character and Duties of Pupils
III. Duties of Physicians, of his attendent, and of Patient
IV. Recompence of the Physician



I. General Remarks on Diseases
II. Discription and Treatment of Particular Disease