Joint Disorders Care in Ayurveda

Joint Disorders Care in Ayurveda

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Author: P H Kulkarni
Editor(s): P H Kulkarni
Publisher: Sri Satguru Publications
Year: 2001
Language: English
Pages: 212
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8170307147


This book contgains 21 research papers on Ayurvedic care of Joint disorders.



1. Studies on anti-inflammatory actions of Sinhanad Guggul and Narayan Tel in Albino rats/Subhash Patil, Runa Kanase and P H Kulkarni.
2. Clinical evaluation of products of Ayurveda Rasashala in joint disorders/A A Kaid and P H Kulkarni
3. Aamvat (Rhematod Arthritis)/P H Kulkarni.
4. Efficacy of Mahayograj Guggul in Katishool (Lumber pain)/Yogesh N. Bendale and P H Kulkarni.
5. Effect of Nasya in the disorders of cervical spines/Savitri Vasudev.
6. Etiology and treatment of joint disorders : Ayurvedic and modern views/A.V. Dasture and P.H. Kulkarni.
7. An insight in bone density/Lalitha.
8. Clinical approach to knee joint/Dhanajay Khasgiwale.
9. Study of the efficacy of Bhayasnehan and Pindasweca in Asthimajjagata Vata with special reference to Grivakasheruka/S.V. Deshpande and Priyadarshini Bapat.
10. Astro-medical concepts-regarding join/bone’s disorders/Shreekant Bhide.
11. Medical and aromatic plants - abstracts.
12. Abstracts of research work done in Ayurveda Rasashala.
13. Drugs of Ayurveda Rasashala on joint disorders.
14. Abstracts from Ayurvidya.
15. Abstracts of post graduate research papers.
16. Abstracts from journal of applied medicine.
17. Abstracts from NIMA.
18. Abstracts from Ayurvidya.
19. Abstracts from Ayurveda Patrika.
20. Abstracts from Madhujeevan.
21. Research work done on joint disorders.