Panchakarma in Ayurveda

Panchakarma in Ayurveda

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Author: P H Kulkarni
Editor(s): P H Kulkarni
Publisher: Sri Satguru Publications
Year: 2001
Language: English
Pages: 114
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8170307155


This book is a collection of 16 learned papers on the ancient Indian medicine Ayurveda, and its approaches to treatment of various ailments. .


1. A prevailing practice of the intake of medicated Majja Sneha Soup in Kerala and its relevance to the Panchakarma Therapy/P.K. Dharmapalan.
2. Role of Swedana Therapy against a transplantable mouse tumour-an experimental study/K.J. Malagi, M.S. Kamath, B.S.S. Rao and P. Uma Devi.
3. Evaluation of Vaman Karma with respect to four modern parameters/Yogesh N. Bendale and P.H. Kulkarni.
4. The study of Vaman-Karma/Shriprasad Bavadekar.
5. To assess the efficacy of freshly prepared Virechana Kwath in constipation/Pradnya M. Akkalkotkar.
6. Effect of Virechan Karma in Kamala with high Serum Bilirubin level- a case study/Mahesh M. Thakur.
7. A role of Matra Basti in Pravahika/Babel Sadhana Prafulla.
8. A pilot study of probable action of ‘Raktabasti’ in low haemoglobin level/Vinay V. Welankar.
9. Vaitarna Basti/S.V. Deshpande and Anand B. Barve.
10. A transcranial doppler study in Ardhava Bhedaka (Migraine) with the management of Nasya Karma/Lalitha B.R.
11. Efficacy of Nasya in Atrophic Rhinitis/Milind Pendharkar.
12. A clinical trial of Anu Tail on Nasagat Roga/U.S. Nigam.
13. Use of Anu Tail in Chronic Rhinitis/Jayant K. Barde.
14. Panchakarma in modern health/Ashutosh Prabhune.
15. Clinical drug trial: 'L' eye drops/J.K. Barde, Jayashree S. Pandit.
16. Clinical effect of Panchakarma on psoriasis universalis (Kitibha)/Acharya M Venugopal