Ayurveda Philosophy

Ayurveda Philosophy

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Author: P H Kulkarni
Publisher: Sri Satguru Publications
Year: 2000
Language: English
Pages: 93
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8170306663


Study of Ayurveda is eternal. One can try to understand Ayurveda in one’s life. It seems very difficult. Hence it is beneficial to study Ayurveda everyday, every life.

In this book salient features about principles of Ayurveda are considered as described in Ayurvedic Treaties and recent research references are given for benefit of interested persons.

Be Ayurveda help every body to be happy!

Ayurveda is a science of life. It is an ancient medicine of India. It is derived from Vedas more than four thousand years back. It is based on observations of nature and man. Ayu means Life and Veda means Knowledge.

Aim of Ayurveda is primarly for promotion, prolongation and maintenance of healthy and happy human lie. It also aims at prevention and cure of disease.


1. An ancient science of life.
2. Introduction to principles of Ayurveda.
3. Principles of Ayurveda-Panch Mahabhoota.
4. Triguna.
5. Tridosha.
6. The seven tissues (dhatus).
7. Waste products (three malas).
8. Prakruti (human constitution). Prakruti chart.
9. Marma Vidnyan.
10. Healthy life.
11. Rasayana (vitalization/rejuvenation).
12. Vajikarana (a special branch of Ayurveda).
13. Dietetics and Ayurveda.
14. Types of diet in Ayurveda.
15. Research references.
16. Bibliography