Heart Disorders & Their Care in Ayurveda

Heart Disorders & Their Care in Ayurveda

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Author: Ajay Kumar Sharma
Publisher: Sri Satguru Publications
Year: 2005
Language: English
Pages: 238
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8170308275


The book, Heart Disorders and their care in Ayurveda written by the well known author Professor Ajay Kumar Sharma is a complete and comprehensive treatise on the subject. This is the first book is English which deals with the subject in all completeness and clarity covering all aspects of Hrdroga as described in various treatise of Ayurveda. The entire text is richly supported with original references from Ayurvedic classics. Latest information regarding verous aspects of modern Cardiology have been incorporated with the objective of providing basic knowledge to readers especially to Ayurvedic students, physicians and teachers for creating awareness among masses about the important possible role which Ayurveda may play for preventing various Cardiac Disorders.

Separate chapters have been added on aetiopathology of Hardroga in Ayurveda with their principles of management, clinical approach in the examination of a cardiac patient, investigations recommended, some important cardiac disorders with their Ayurvedic approach of management, Ayurvedic approach of dietary management of cardiac disorders and role of Yoga and life style modifications in preventing Hrdroga (Cardiac Disorders). Most valuable information is presented in the chapter on Tips for preventing heart diseases and prolonging life span. The author of the book being a senior Professor of Ayurvedic Medicine in National Institute of Ayurveda, Jaipur and being a reputed physician and researcher, this book has been richly benefited by his scholarship and professional experience. It is expected that this book will be useful for prosperous readers.



I. Cardiology in Ayurveda: General Considerations
II. Clinical Approach in the Examination of a Cardiac Patient
III. Laboratory Investigations Recommended in Cardiac Patients
IV. Hrdroga in Ayurveda
V. Heart Failure
VI. Shock
VII. Inflammatory Diseases of the Heart
VIII. Rheumatic Heart Diseases
IX. Ischaemic Heart diseases
X. Hyperlipidaemia in Ayurveda
XI. Prevention of Ischaemic Heart Diseases
XII. Hypertensions
XIII. Introduction to Congenital Heart diseases
XIV. Ayurvedic Approach of Dietary Management of Hydroga
XV. Role of Yoga of Life Style Modifications in Preventing Hrdroga
XVI. Conditions Warranting a Physician for referring a patients to Cardiologists
XVII. Tips for Preventing Heart Diseases and Prolonging Life Span
XVIII. Use of Some Herbal Drugs in Cardiovascular Disorders