The Origin and the Glorious Past of the Andhras

The Origin and the Glorious Past of the Andhras

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Author: J M Anthos
Publisher: Asian Educational Services
Year: 1989
Language: English
Pages: 117
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8120604423


While yet a student in the Theological Seminary at Kandy, being an Andhra, to read a paper at the Literary Academy on the history of the Andhra People. For this Purpose, the magnificent library of the institution, this has a good stock of books on a variety of subjects and in different languages. This library is rich in oriental literature, chiefly on historical subjects. Despite all these advantages to collect sufficient material for paper for the simple reason that there was no book available on the past history on the Telugu people.

On these considerations, recourse to every book available on Indian history wherein fragments of the origin and growth of the Telugu people were given and also tried to get as much information as possible from Pandits and other Scholars versed in ancient history of India.



Sources of Study
Philology and Archaeology
The Fruitful labours of Scholars
Modern Andhra Desa
Origin of the word India
The Date of the first migration of Aryans
The date of the migration of non-Aryans
The first inhabitants of India
Do all Non-Aryans belong to one and the same stock?
The Dasyus of the Rigveda
Finns and Lapps
The enormous wealth and high civilization of Non-Aryans
Primitive savages
Kolarians and Dravidians
Conflicting views
Dravidians resist Aryans
The Term Andhra
Aryans address Andhras demons
The term Dravidian wrongly applied to the Andhras
Chola kingdom ruled by Pallavas
Cause of the mistake explained
Mingling of castes
Non-Aryan tribes admitted into the Aryan family
The Andhras are a race of mixed origin or Aryo-Andhras
The Puranas
The Language of the Andhras
The Basha of Panini the famous Grammarian
Telugu a Vikruti
Telugu and the early Andhra
The new term Andhro-Dravida
Is Kanarese an Andhra tongue?
At one time Andhras ruled entire India
The terms of Vadugu and Aravamu
Andhras ruled India for over 400 years
The great military power of the Andhras
Kingdom of Vijayanagar
Andhras at Madura
Also in Ceylon, Lanka Mahagramma