Director’s Special Book of Cricketing Controversies

Director’s Special Book of Cricketing Controversies

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Author: Kishore Bhimani
Publisher: Allied Publishers
Year: 1996
Language: English
Pages: 216
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8170235073


The game of cricket is incomplete without the spice of controversy. Talk cricket and you will end up talking about ball doctoring, chucking or, nowadays, gambling and rigged matches.

Also, the rules of the game lend themselves to diverse interpretations and thus make for colourful anecdotes. The personalities of the game of cricket are many and varied. They range from the rangy and versatile Tony Greig to the many-faceted Ian Botham; they encompass the mercurial Jonty Rhodes and the eccentric Srikkanth to Dennis Lillee and the combative Javed Miandad.

So much happens in this game that scores and statistics, and indeed results, do not fully do justice to it. Therefore the director’s special Book of Cricketing Controversies, where an effort has been made to gather between two covers many such events and personalities from all around the world, and to list in detail the unusual and incredible episodes that they were part of. This is a book about the unorthodox side of cricket.



Gambling and Bribery Allegations
Racism in Cricket
The South African Saga-From D’Oliveira to Eden Gardens
Jackman Is Served a Deportation Order
The Massacre at Sabina Park and Who Grovelled in the English Summer
Winning with the Vaseline Shine-The Tony Greig Factor
Kerry Packer Separates the Men from the Boys-the Great Cricket Divide
Umpiring traumas Hog the Headlines
The New Year Holocaust of 1967
The Game and Its Eccentricities
Those Weird and Wonderful Men-The Mavericks
Player Intrigue, Player Passion and Player Power
Interpretation of Rules
The Age of Protest-Cricket Guerillas
Drugs Plague the Game
More on Ball Doctoring
Advent of the Match Referee
Stop Press: A Fresh Chucking Controversy