India, That Is, Sidd

India, That Is, Sidd

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Author: P S Kasipandian
Publisher: Allied Publishers
Year: 1996
Language: English
Pages: 187
ISBN/UPC (if available): 817023560X


India, that is, Bharat is common knowledge but India, that is, Sidd is not so common. Knowledge itself is becoming more common only in post-independent India. When India is getting ready to enter into the twenty-fist century, its economy is sought to be globalised.

But its politics is getting regionalized and its religion is getting politicized. That is what prompted Nehruji to commend to the nation the message of Vinobaji that politics and religion be replaced by Science and Spirituality.

Rational analysis and emotional integration are closely interlinked and one without the other cannot last long. The reader is invited to assess how close the link is and how far an under-standing of Agamic India helps to clear the confusion shrouding the concept of secularism and reawaken India to reassert its real spirit.




Indus Valley Civilization-The Divine Triad-Religion of Love-The Bhakti Movement-Spirituality and Science-Individual Salvation and Collective Salvation-Altruism and Eclecticism.

Integral Theme of the Dravidian Tradition:
Siddhanta Philosophy - Eight Qualities of God-Vedanta Philosophy - Findings of Nuclear Physics

Dravidian Spirituality and World Peace
Hallmarks of Spirituality-Freedom of Mind Equality of Souls-Bond of Love-Spirit of Sacrifice

Recent Trends in Afro-Asian Philosophies
Liberty, Equality and Fraternity-Philosophy and Culture-Dravidian Culture-Spiritual Laws

Jainism-A Pre-Vedic Religion
Antiquity of Jainism-After Mahavira-Scientific Features in Jain Thought

Buddhism-A reiteration of Pre-Vedic
Hinduism, Knowing-Being-Doing-Criticism and Evaluation

Secularism and Humanism
Orthodoxy and Liberalism-For Vedas and six Sastras-Evolution of Humanism-The Religion of Man

Philosophy and Spirituality-Karma and Rebirth-Malevolence and Benevolence-Spiritual Socialism