Arms And Armour -Traditional Weapons of India

Arms And Armour -Traditional Weapons of India

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Author: E Jaiwant Paul
Publisher: Roli Books
Year: 2005
Language: English
Pages: 143
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8174363408


A soldier values his sword almost as much as his life and a Rajput’s most powerful and binding oath was by his sovereign’s throne (gadi ki an) or by his arms (ya sil ki an) or by his sword and shield (dhal talwar ki an).

Akbar’s swords had names and ranks assigned to them and these were sent by rotation each night to his bed chamber. This book traces the development of the weapons of the Indian warrior, from the earliest to modern times, and also provides illustrations of a wide variety of the arms and armour discussed.

Traditionally man has had a deep, almost instinctive, reverence and love for his weapons. He holds them sacred and invests them with a sort of divine power. He treasures and preserves them, and armourers embellish them with priceless gems, gold and silver. In some countries arms were laid in graves with their masters and weapons of war were sacrificially deposited in hallowed spots. Even today the Rajputs and Marathas, the two races who through history have risen to defend the honour of this country, bring out their weapons on the festival of Dussehra and worship them in an elaborate ritual.



Early and Medieval History of the Sword

The Last Five Centuries


The Blade and the Hilt

Maces, Spears, Battle Axes and Other Weapons


Decoration of Weapons